Need help with your website?

Need to make some changes to your existing website? We offer the following services to help get your site back on track:

Website Assessments...

It's often that customers don't know what types of changes need to be made to see a positive effect on their website's performance. Forrester Web Services starts with an assessment to help customers understand where improvements could be made to core code, security, content and more.

Mobile Optimization...

Mobile optimization is very important to the success of all modern websites, however many websites still have not been optimized to work with mobile browsers. Millions of users browse the internet with mobile devices each day. Without mobile optimization most of these potential viewers will never see your website.

Search engines, like Google, rank websites based on their mobile optimization. Good mobile optimization can convert into a large gain in website traffic while having none can have the oposite effect.

Check your website's mobile optimization with Google's mobile friendly test.

Code Updates...

All websites require some type of updates. Just because your website is working doesn't mean that it shouldn't be updated. As technology advances, outdated code should be replaced to ensure a faster and more secure website. Keeping your website up-to-date provides your viewers with a better user experience and more security.

Check your website for code errors with the W3C validator. The World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) is an organization that sets global standards for web development.

Data Migration...

Has your website grown too large for it's current host? No problem. A dedicated server is a great way to boost your website's performance. We can have your website moved to a new dedicated web server with little or no downtime.

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