Informational Websites

Having an informational website can help you, your business or organization in many ways. You may want to have an advertisement to draw in customers, a blog to share your ideas, a gallery to showcase your talents, or a calendar to display your events. There are a lot of great options available and with a custom informational website the possibilities are endless.

Informational websites are made up of multiple web pages connected by navigational links. These pages are created using different types of code which are read and interpreted by your web browser or a server to display the content you see when you visit a website. This code can be custom written or pre-written as part of a platform used to create a specific type of website. This choice is often dictated by the type of content that will be displayed by the site in question.

Websites can be split into two main categories; static and dynamic websites. A static website displays the same basic information to all viewers until the content is changed by the website administrator. A dynamic website automatically updates it's content based on a combination of user choices, code, database contents, and browser cookies.

Upon initiation of a website development and design project, your project manager will help you decide on content and features to help you get the most out of your website. Please follow the link below for more information about our process and what it takes to make a website work.

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