Ecommerce Websites

Taking the leap into online sales can be a big one. A sucessful ecommerce website can be used to market your items to a wide range of potential customers from around the globe. However, there are many elements which must fall into place before online sales are finally a possibility. Some of the services you will need may include a secure web hosting server to store your website, a domain name or uniform resource locator(URL) so that your website can be accessed publicly via the world wide web, and a payment gateway and processor to accept payments. Your store must then be configured to suit the needs of your business and customers.

Ecommerce websites are often generated using a set of controller files which create the pages displayed when a user accesses the site. These controller files build content based on code, user choices, browser cookies and information stored in a database. Most ecommerce websites are created using a platform containing pre-written code which defines the actions performed by the website. The reason for this is that the large amount of time and money that must be invested in the development of a completely custom ecommerce website is rarely outweighed by it's benefits. Today's top ecommerce platforms are highly customizable and are suited for the needs of most businesses.

Through our development and design process we will help you decide on a platform and features to better promote your products to potential customers. Your project manager will also help you understand what it takes to run an ecommerce website and show you how to properly use the software you choose to do so.

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